The Long Drag

The "Long Drag" is very aptly named as it is quite along walk from one end to the other (over a mile long). The drag area has changed considerably over the last 20 years or so. Where there were once good wader pools which attracted Broad-Billed Sandpiper and Curlew Sandpiper there is now a large reed bed. This does have some compensations as Reed Warbler breeds along here and Beared Tit has been seen recently. Irregular visitors also include Marsh Harrier. The drag has chalked up quite a species list over the years, especially if you include the seal sands area. Below is a map taken from Google Maps click on the map to go to the Google Map for this area.


The Long Drag The end of the Gare The Cabin Rocks Bran sands The Shrike bushes Coatham Marsh The South Gare and Redcar shoreline


Long Drag reed beds


hide.jpg -10Kb Short eared owl

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