The South Gare and Redcar shoreline

The coastline from the South Gare to Redcar is attractive to a variety of species (including people!). The shoreline is mostly sandy with outcrops of rocks and even fossil trees. During the winter months good numbers of Sanderlings, Dunlin, Turnstone and Knot congregate along the beach. Towards the Gare the shore becomes more rocky and it is here you should find Purple Sandpiper, a species uncommon in many parts of the UK.

During the summer months it is a good place to see terns. A number of species can be seen along this stretch of shoreline and especially on the slag island off the east side of the Gare. The main species include Sandwich, Common and Little Terns. With Arctic and an occasionally Roseate Tern do put in an appearance. With these terns comes the ever attentive presence of Skuas, usually during late July to October.


The flat rocky shoreline provides plenty of shallow rock pools and gives the chance for mussels to develop beds. These mussels are "grazed" by a small number of Eiders throughout the year

Paddy's Hole

South Gare


redcarshore.jpg - 13Kb Seaweed