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The Cleveland Naturalists' Field Club is probably one of the oldest clubs in the Teesside area. It was founded in April 1881, the name of Cleveland Naturalists' Field Club has been used since 1886. The United Kingdom has a long history of these local natural history groups and they provide the backbone of knowledge for local and national surveys of the flora and fauna of Britain.

The web site expands the information given on the Club membership card. Prospective members who read these pages are invited to join us on a few walks and find out something about the Club.

The Club seeks to promote an interest in all branches of Natural History and to assist members in finding out about the living things that they see in the countryside around them. The present membership includes those who have particular interests in birds, insects, slugs and snails, lichens, fungi, flowering plants and mosses and liverworts. Members with interests in other fields would be very welcome.

In spring and summer there are evening, half-day and whole-day visits to investigate the natural history of a particular area. During the winter months there is a series of monthly meetings that are held at present at the Nunthorpe Institute in Middlesbrough. A meeting usually takes the form of a lecture given by a club member or visiting speaker.

Full details of the walks and their starting points can be found from the links at the top of the page. If you require further details about a walk, or in the event of inclement weather and possible cancellation, please contact the leader of the walk. Please carry suitable refreshment with you! This will be necessary for the walks that start on a morning and it may well be appropriate to take tea on an afternoon walk.

We hope that you will find some of the outings to your taste from the programme (see link). Any suggestions for future field trips are always welcomed by the committee. It is hoped that members will share transport, where possible, to ease any parking problems and be prepared to offer lifts to members without cars.

The club welcomes any prospective members to join our outings. The members are friendly and helpful if you have problems identifying plants, insects, birds etc.

The annual subscription for membership of the club is only £8.

Pyramidal Orchid

Fox portrait taken at RSPB Saltholme


Capillary Thread-moss  (Bryum capillare)


Garden Spider (Areneus diadematus)

Welcome to the Cleveland Naturalists' Field Club


New A Rare Plant Register for North East Yorkshire https://bsbi.org/north-east-yorkshire




Volume 12 Part 4 Spring 2022

Table of Contents

President’s Address  

Acknowledgements and Note to Contributors

Highlights of 2021 Field Meetings

 Gallery of Additional Images From Field Meetings 2021 Mark Stokeld

Some Invertebrates Recorded During Field Meetings 2021 A A Wardhaugh

A further look at the invertebrates of Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park 2021

Daphne Aplin  

Ladybirds at Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park, Billingham: Update 2021 Daphne Aplin

 Interesting invertebrate sightings on Teesside 2021 Daphne Aplin  

 Silver-washed Fritillaries at Mulgrave Castle P W Forster

 Some observations on Barn Owls 2020 - 2021 P W Forster  

 Leopard Moth Zeuzera pyrina P W Forster

 The Orange Cup, Melastiza cornubienis, at Lockwood Beck, Cleveland P W Forster  

 Moth Records 2021 P W Forster

 Hyperchromic Orchids at Raisby Hill Grassland Moira Wardhaugh

 Saltburn Gill: a beetle and a bug A A Wardhaugh

 Field Meetings 2022

 Newsletter March 2021