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North and South Gares project



The map above shows North Gare the map below shows South Gare

During 2015 members from the Cleveland Naturalists’ Field Club will be undertaking a survey of the biology of the areas known locally as North and South Gare. This area lies at either side of the mouth of the river Tees.

The two maps below show the study areas. Click on the images for a full size version.

Malcolm Birtle has collated the latest data on the wildlife of the North and South Gares this is available by clicking on the words North and South above and at the top right of the page

There is already some information available for the two areas of surveys done in the past. Click on the links for the documents.

Lead members of the project

North Gare

North Gare Molluscs

Plants on Seaton Dunes and Common (North Gare)

Butterflies of North Gare

North Gare habitat map from the 1970’s Black & White

North Gare habitat map from the 1970’s in colour

Botanical list from the 1970’s

Coleoptera at North Gare

Odonata at North Gare

South Gare

South Gare Molluscs

Plants at South Gare

Butterflies of South Gare

Moths of South Gare

Coleoptera at South Gare

Odonata at South Gare

ngare_boundaries_webl3315.jpg sgare_web (2).jpg

North Gare records

South Gare records