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Wild flowers in and around Teesside

Flora of South Gare

Rare Plant Register for Vice County 62 (North East Yorkshire)

Flora of Hazel Grove Saltburn

Flora of Saltburn Valley Gardens

Flora of Saltburn Gill Nature Reserve

Flora of Whitecliff Wood

Wildlife of Saltburn Valley Gardens and Rifts Wood and Marske Mill

The Flora of Rosecroft Wood, Loftus

An Updated Guide the Wild Flowers of Cleveland  by Ian Lawrence

The Cleveland Naturalists' report on the Flora of the coast.

This extensive document was produced in 1994 and covers the coastal area in nine sections
South Gare, Coatham Dunes, Redcar Stray, Redcar to Saltburn, Cat Nab, Saltburn to Skiningrove, Skiningrove to to Hummersea, Boulby and Boulby to Cowbar.

Cleveland Flora 1985-2002

In 1994 Cleveland County Council published “A Guide to the Wild Flowers of Cleveland” by Ian Lawrence. Shortly after its publication Cleveland was divided into four Unitary Authorities: Langbaurgh, (now Redcar and Cleveland), Middlesbrough, Stockton and Hartlepool. Despite these changes plant records continued to be kept so that when “New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora” was published in 2002 it was possible to send in our records.

Recently a number of computer systems have been installed in the North of England and elsewhere around the British Isles with a new “Recorder 2003” system. Many botanists are now using Global Positioning machines in the field so accurate grid references of plant sites can be obtained Also the introduction of Global Imaging systems gives us some insight into the type of habitats where these plants grow. It is important that all new records should be put into these computer systems for future reference so that steps can be taken to preserve our local flora.

This list is an attempt to update the plant records that were listed in Ian Lawrence’s book. The plants listed in this document have come from various sources. It would be impossible to mention everyone by name but first of all we must thank Ian for helping to keep botanical recording alive in this area and passing on his knowledge to so many people. Many of these records would not have been possible without the field work carried out by his two botanical study groups. Other records have also been obtained during the summer meetings of the Cleveland Naturalists’ Field Club. I would also like to thank Russell Mc Andrew, Steve Robbins and John Durkin for supplying records of the Hartlepool area and Vincent Jones for his work on the Hawkweeds and Dandelions and many other species. Don Grant has also visited our area and helped with the identification of some of our Brambles.

Ragwort Dog Rose Bee Orchid